Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Short Tour of Our New Digs in Wilton NH

Michelle added some more items to our new space at White Home Collections in Wilton NH this week! We are so excited because this space is almost as big as our store in downtown Leominster.
To get there from Leominster, follow route 12 north to 31 all the way to New Hampshire. It's at the intersection of 31 and 101.

Take a peek at this mini tour and when you get a chance, check it out!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

We're All Moved into Our Second Location!

Last weekend we moved into our second location at White Home Collections in Wilton NH (about 40 minutes from downtown Leominster) on the second floor. We're still at 139 Central St. in Leominster and of course we're always open online at the Offbeat Avenue Etsy shop. 

Check us out!
Our space looks so pretty!

Cozy corner
Some select vintage clothing
We love the light in this place
White Home is such a lovely spot
It was such a lovely day when we moved in!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Resurgence of Vinyl Record Albums

Do you remember how thrilling it was to go to the record store when you knew your favorite band was releasing a new album?

Or, going to KMart every week to see which 45's were in which spot on the charts?

(I have the Number 1 btw, on 45, that was bought at KMart, lol)

Did they correspond to the radio dj's list of most popular singles that week?

And, those weren't your only I need a new needle? Can I possibly schlep all of these over to Becky's for the sleepover? And, will she have a portable turntable so we don't have to compete with the "old folks" giant console? Because, no doubt, they will be spinning Englebert Humperdinck, Kenny Rodgers, Tom Jones or, worse, Showboat.

Fast forward. No pun intended....or maybe it is....we graduated from vinyl, to 8-tracks, to cassette tapes, to cds, to, *gasp* downloading/streaming everything from the internet.

Now, there is something to be said for instant gratification....if I can't find my Who album and want to hear "My Wife", I can now go to my computer, YouTube, or phone, and instantly play it! Sweet!

But, where's the sleeve, with all the words? (because, my family always skews them)
Where's the cool cover art that we can discuss or think about, while listening?
Where's the friggin' FUN of going to the store, finding it, bringing it home, taking it out of the sleeve for the first time, the needle crackling, and that first song BOOMING out of the speakers?


Until now :)

We have both always loved vinyl and all sorts of music, but, until recently, no one but bearded old dudes looking for Grateful Dead bootlegs were with us.

(Disclaimer: NOTHING wrong with either of the above. Bearded old guys got to see these bands LIVE and will entertain you with these wonderful stories (maybe over and over again, but still cool) and the Grateful Dead catalog is amazing, so :P).

During Christmas, I was at a Barnes & Noble in Boston and they had a pretty good display of colorful, reissued VINYL!

I was mesmerized!

I was also..."Damn. I have that. And, the original at that!"

I could remember the moment I fell in love with the song, that made me want to buy the album, that made me save up money to go to the store and buy it! The WHOLE album. Where then I found songs I liked even more!

Up until recently, you heard a song on the radio, liked it, went to the internet and bought the song. Just the song. How boring is that? The song you bought is just the record company's selection of what they think will sell....quite possibly NOT the best song on the album.

Think about it:
The Doors 1st album,  if you bought for "Light My Fire", you'd have never heard "Soul Kitchen" or "Alabama Song".
AC/DC "High Voltage" for "Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll)" and maybe the cover title'd have never heard "The Jack" or "Can I Sit Next to You".

Ok, how about more recently, 
You bought Soundgarden's "Badmotorfinger" for "Outshined", you never would have heard the amazing "Searching With My Good Eye Closed".
You bought Pearl Jam's "Vs." for "Animal" and completely missed "Rearview Mirror".

The list goes on and on.

But, back to Christmas Barnes & Noble....all these amazing albums are being reissued on VINYL. And, at $25.+ a pop, why not seek out the original pressing, with all the cracks and pops, that you can put on headphones and be transported away...

We have TONS of vinyl that we have purchased over the years from our love of the stuff and not wanting to see it end up in a dumpster. We listen to every album we post, which is why it takes us a little while for new stuff. But, again, even WE have found new (to us) things we can't live without.

Take "Smoke" by the Randy Carlos Orchestra....we LOVE it! So much, that we are not parting with that album and play it in the shop all the time!

Or, Boots Randolph....who we were playing and researching the album, and one of us said "Wow, this reminds me of Benny Hill". Well, it WAS the guy who did the Benny Hill theme song! Another piece of the musical history puzzle solved!

So, as nice as it is to have immediate gratification of songs right at your fingertips, PLEASE, after you download The Who's "Baba O'Riley" do yourself a favor and go seek out the entire "Who's Next" album on vinyl....even if it's only for "My Wife.

(But, the whole album is great!)

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Offbeat Avenue Will Be at Punkcake Pop Up and Punk Rock Flea Market

We're so excited to have a table at this year's Punkcake Pop Up and Punk Rock Flea Market Sunday June 11, 12-5 at Ralph's Rock Diner in tropical Worcester MA.

Get ready to be wowed by amazing music, peeps, vintage, crafts and coolness! And plenty of vintage goodies from Offbeat Avenue!

This event  free! So come down and pick yourself up something nice while you rock out to live punk music from Origin Story, Loser's Circle, Marko and the Bruisers, Evil Filipe.

For more info visit the Punkcake Facebook Page.

Check out this video from one of their events this year:


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Summer Hours! Pop-Up Vintage Shows and More!

Starting this weekend we will be closed on Sundays so we can do some of the cool pop-up vintage shows, fairs, and markets going on in New England this summer! In fact, we'll be at the Punkcake Pop Up and Punk Rock Flea Market on Sunday, June 11 12PM-5PM.

It will take place in the parking lot at Ralph’s Rock Diner along with our table of rad vintage stuff there will be art, crafts, maker wares, baker wares, flea market treasures, and incredible live punk music from Origin Story, Loser's Circle, Marko and the Bruisers, and Evil Filipe. This is an ALL AGES event and FREE to attend!!
Michelle, Marguerite, and Bertrand will be on the road in a town near you!

As for the boutique in skyscraper city Leominster we will be open Wed-Fri 11AM-4PM and Saturdays 11AM to 5PM and of course we're always open online! Have a vintage-tastic weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Preparing for Leominster's City Wide Yard Sale

We will be closed today (Thursday, May 18) and tomorrow (Friday, May 19) because we are getting ready for Leominster's City Wide Yard sale on Saturday, May 20! (Of course we're always open at our online vintage shop).

The yard sale is a great way to unload some of the the items we've been accumulating in our search for the best vintage stuff!

Most of the vintage items we sell online and at our fab shop we acquire at auctions or estate sales, and they often come in large lots, with some items being vintage and others not.

We sort through the items and choose the vintage goodies we want to put in our vintage store, and then the ones that aren't vintage or if they aren't the type of item we usually sell, we set aside for a great yard sale like this!

Yard Sale Deets:
When: Saturday May 20, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Where: 139 Central Street and locations all over Leominster (see map below)
Why: It's a yard sale lover's dream! Good stuff cheap!
Click to enlarge

DVDs for a dollar! Whoa Jaws!

VHS for a dollar. Classics!

Fun earrings!

Plenty of home items like these glasses

Tons of tees for a dollar

Mens and women's clothing for a dollar
Reader glasses and sunglasses, for 50 cents!
We'll have more items than are shown so we hope to see you Saturday! Come early!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Light the Town Purple! Cancer Awareness Event Leominster

Michelle and I were so proud to win the contest for the best store front display for Leominster's Light the Town Purple Event on Thursday, May 11. This event is in support of the Greater Gardner Relay for Life, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. It was also a reminder for all of us to get cancer screenings early.

Offbeat Avenue was one of many local businesses that decorated their store front window in purple to show our support!

Watch our interview with Mayor Dean Mazzarella here:

Light the Town Purple: With Song!

It was a cool but very sunny evening when the event started at the steps of Leominster City Hall. The purple fire engine pulled up, along with the purple-adorned trolley full of the Fallbrook School Songbirds, who wowed us with their singing performances that evening.

It was the perfect spring evening.

A few of the songbirds before the performance 

The audience fills up the front steps at City Hall.

The Songbirds get ready for their performance

Through the Japanese elm we had perfect seats to view the Songbirds

A moving speech from cancer survivor Sandy with Mayor Dean Mazzarella.
It was a wonderful event! Thanks to the city of Leominster, the Mayor, and his amazing staff!