Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
We hope, whatever you celebrate, you have special time with your family!
Love & Thanks for all the support :)
Michelle and Marguerite

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fred's Night Out

This will be short, just an observation....
Yesterday morning, fed up with news and reality tv, I put on our local "retro" tv station.
They had early (1972) 70's reruns of Sanford and Son, a show I have loved since I saw it back then, when I was a kid, at my Grandma's house.
It was Fred's birthday (Red Foxx, another Sagittarian), and Lamont wanted to treat him to a fancy night out, even bought him a special hat for the occasion.
The first place Lamont brought his Dad was to a fancy bar for a pre-theatre drink....and this is where I had to comment.
Lamont got a Martini and Fred, after not getting his much wanted draft beer, got an Old Fashioned ("where's the ice cream?"). The bartender went and made their drinks, returned and said "That'll be $2.50", to which Lamont gave him $3.00 "keep the change". Fred was in amazement that two drinks were that expensive and that Lamont gave the bartender a .50 cent tip. (He also kept asking where the pinball machines were, but that's another long lost fun thing for another time).
$2.50 for two drinks???!!! One being a martini???!!!
I know it's been a long time since milk was a buck or less a gallon, and a Big Mac was under a dollar, but $2.50 for two drinks??!!
I don't think there are many places around where you can get a martini now (and a bad one at that) for less than ten bucks. Hell, most of them are more like $14.00+  and, they're all froofy, with chocolate and sprinkles and BACON, and hey, now Fred's ice cream would make sense!
I just need to ask.....when did the price of things become so outrageous?
And, when did things become so outrageous? (Bacon? In a martini? Wtf?)
Maybe I'm just old.
That can't be it.
Maybe I just need that time machine.....who's with me?
I'll meet you in the old, tiny Cherry Webb closet at eight.
We'll be having $1.25 Martinis by eight-thirty.
Don't forget your quarters....

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas shopping is in full swing!

It's almost Christmas, which means CINNAMON ROLLS!!
Mmmmmm....the above are last years, we only have them once a year, so now, seeing the picture, I am craving them. Doh! Gotta wait!
Vintage Christmas shopping on our Etsy store has been going strong, loads of Christmas and other Holiday items have already flown out the door, with a variety of gifts being bought, and some great party outfits too.
We add new items every day not only for the Season but everyday vintage items too.
Here are some ideas for not only decorating your home, but yourself, and great vintage gift items for the collector on your list.
First off, though we have sold a ton of them already, there are still a few Putz homes left.
(Update 12/7/15, only three left, hurry!)

These are all a little different, and I believe the trend started in Germany years ago. These are all early mid century (40's-50's) and marked Japan on the bottom. They were personalized with different colors, shapes, glitter, fences, and tiny bottle brush trees. The windows and doors are a cellophane material, which, though many didn't survive like the houses did, you can buy replacements for. There has also been a resurgence in crafting (thanks to Martha Stewart) these little guys yourself, painting and heavily glittering them for a custom little village. The backs usually have a small hole that a little light can be threaded into to illuminate them from the inside.
Currently we do have about 8 of the Putz homes left (as of 12/7/15, only 3 left), and also a large lot of tiny plastic homes (one with a water wheel!), complete with fences and animals.
We also still have some ornaments left, and are in he process of adding as many as we can.
We have ornament lots, single special ornaments, and items that can be used to craft your own ornaments....there's still time folks if you're the crafty type!

A chorus of feathered angels! Aren't they adorable? 
What would the Season be without entertaining and fun parties?
How fun is this? Imagine serving all your guests in this amazing mid century cocktail tray with glasses & ice bucket? Looks like a giant spaceship! Fancy a Romulan ale anyone?
Or maybe this is more your style:

For those quieter moments when it's just You and Me getting Blitzened.

Here's the guide that's gonna get everyone started on their trip to Pink Elephant Land!
And, when the going gets rough, ZZ Top said it best "Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses"
Zebra sunglasses to keep you from that bright, bright light!

As the Hostess with the Mostess, you're going to need an apron, or two, or three, depending on how rowdy of guests you have:
You might want to wear a top with this Vera stunner....might....

A little Deco clock cutie!

And, as always, DIY for the most gung-ho of you!
Let's not forget our lovely Hostess!
Here are a few ideas to bring along as a Thank You to the people hosting all of these fun parties!
How about a retro Soaky along with new bubble bath, so she can relax after the party?
We think Thumper would fit the bill nicely!
Or, how about a vintage tin (Update 12/7/15 SOLD) filled with candy or homemade cookies?
Candy or cookies?

Cookies or a couple little nips and some retro glasses (sorry, SOLD 12/7/15)?
What to wear, what to wear??
Reflect all the light in this beautiful gold sequin cropped jacket!
Celebrate, celebrate!
It might be a little colder where you are, but this Riviera hankie will give you warm thoughts!
Or, you can cover up, be warm, and go incognito in this red leather jacket with huge fur collar!
Maybe you surprise someone special and wear this under it?
Where's my Mistletoe?

Holly and berries will have to do!
Ok, gotta concentrate on that list!!
For Biff, the photographer:
A 1968 Kodak Photoguide with all sorts of dials and color filters!
For all the kiddos.....
Maybe some Barbie boots?
How about some retro games?
Fun for the whole family!
Whoa, can't forget Mom...
Or Dad.....
How stylin' is he?
Or maybe Dad's not so fancy....
He's more of a man's man, let's build stuff kind of guy.
Alright, you've bought all the presents....time for a little something for YOU!
How about a new handbag?
This tapestry bag would fit all of your essentials nicely.
Or, maybe a new hat to keep your hairdo fresh?
What a beautiful rose hat! You know you've been wanting one!
And now your shopping is complete!
Time to get away!
Don't forget those dark glasses!
We hope your shopping list isn't too long and that you take some time along the way for visiting family, friends, and those not so fortunate!
Merry Christmas to you, or whatever Holiday you celebrate, we hope it's happy!


Friday, November 6, 2015

Road Trip!

We love the Fall!
Not just Halloween, but the pumpkins, the smell in the air, the leaves, the slight chill, the cider, love!
A couple weeks ago, we took a day trip to Russel's Garden Center in Wayland, MA.
If you've never been, it's a relaxing afternoon....just maybe don't go on the weekend, I hear it's really busy...especially once it gets towards Christmas!
Here's some photos I took of all the beautiful things there, enjoy :)
Oh yeah, right, first we stopped at the Devens Grill, mmmmm, yummy!
We ALL took home doggie bags.
Ok, now off to Russell's :

This flower arrangement was HUGE!!! And it was cool because you could just hang it outside.

I love these succulent pretty, but I have such a black thumb.


This is one of the MANY theme decorated trees throughout the bottom floor.
This one was Day of the Dead, love the faux sugar skull!

Lol,"Bumbles bounce!"

All gold tree! So expensive looking!

How cute are these? I can't remember if they were made out of boxes or cans, but what a great idea!

Flower Power, retro telephone, and I Love Lucy ornaments! Oh, and disco balls!

Rock 'n roll themed's a Beatles guitar and Elvis....I was looking for a Doors one that my Dad said he had seen last Christmas time, but there were no more left.
Boo :(

Pretty pastels.

Leading up to the second floor was a sauna type room with all sorts of plants that thrive in that sort of heat, and a little fish pond! We were melting though and didn't stay in there too long.

This little owl guy cracked me up!

Who's behind that mask?

Pretty pottery, beautiful soft color!

Fairy Houses! So cute!
Below are some pictures of the huge greenhouse and their little "friend" that resides there.

How cool is he?

Lemon and Orange plants, really wanted one of those, maybe next time.
This time I just got a couple of teeny pumpkins.

A wine themed daughter actually purchased this for her goes perfect in the kitchen!

Pink flamingos and retro trailers, LOVE it!

Back outside...

What on earth is this? It's a pumpkin, but it looked like it had peanut shells growing off of it. Strangest thing I saw there!
On the way back we stopped for a pumpkin ice cream at Kimball Farm.
It was a great, relaxing afternoon :)