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Our Most Popular Items This Week - November 4 2018

Whew! October sure went by fast! We had an awesome time at Mill No 5 last weekend, met some great people and had some spooky fun. Now that the holiday season has officially begun, we're noticing certain vintage items are getting a lot of views at our Etsy shop. Here are the top vintage items for the past week. (HINT: popular items usually won't last long, so if you see something you like order now!)

Vintage Concert Poster featuring Janis Joplin

Vintage Coffee Percolator with Bakelite handles

80s Colorblock New Wave Dress

Vintage Makeup Compact by Elgin
You must see this to believe how gorgeous it is!

Vintage Red Rotary Telephone with Silver Handle
SOLD! Very unique rotary phone with silver embossed handle!

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