What are you looking forward to in 2021?

  I don't have to tell you because you've lived through it too. 2020 was a crazy year, but now that we are in 2021 I'm ready to start looking forward to things to do this year. Last January Michelle and I planned for all kinds of outdoor shows including a great ephemera show in the spring. But of course everything was put on hold. So now what? Well, we are assuming there may not be outdoor vintage shows this spring, but by summer we think we'll start to see a few pop up. The other thing that happened in 2020 was we had our best sales year yet. You read right, it was our busiest year. The changes we made in 2019 really paid off. We started carrying a wider variety of hard to find items, got more organized, did a lot more videos, and opened up our shop to more international orders. The result was tons more orders and also racked up more than 1000 five star reviews!  Our planning last January taught us that you never know what's in store.  So we're looking forward

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Pride Creations Popsie and Other Fun Finds in this Vintage Lot

Check out the latest video where you'll see a Popsie, Woody Woodpecker flip book and lots of fun trinkets we got in this lot!

Vintage Fashion Shoot 70s Maxi Dresses Prom Dresses and More!

We had so much fun with my niece on a photo shoot with some of our favorite vintage dresses! Check it out!

New Videos! Vintage Estate Sale Haul and Going Back to the 80s

Busy busy! Check out the latest videos from Offbeat Avenue. Up first, Michelle's got a mondo haul of vintage to share from the back of the OffbeatMobile. You'll see tons of vintage cookbooks, a Lite Brite game (original of course!) a Sears sewing machine and much more. She'll be listing these on our Etsy shop here: Offbeat Avenue on Etsy Next up Marguerite goes back to the 80s to share some awesome authentic 80s clothing including an Esprit sport tank, animal print bodybuilder pants (a la MC Hammer) and a Madonna inspired crop jersey. These are on sale on our Depop shop here. Offbeat Avenue on Depop Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay up to date with the latest in vintage aweseomness here: Offbeat Avenue YouTube channel.

Unpacking the OffbeatMobile! Vintage Haul with Barbie Cases, Candy Land, Stratego and More!

We couldn't fit anymore stuff into the OffbeatMobile after coming back from a huge estate sale this weekend!

Estate Sale Haul: 50s Esquire Calendar, Vintage Barbie Carrying Case

  This week Michelle got all set up to go to a huge Estate sale in Hollis but had to turn around when she got there because it was so packed! So what does an OA Gal do? Find another sale! Michelle shares some of the goodies she got at an auction and another smaller sale she attended earlier. You'll see her showcase a 1950s Esquire "girlie" calendar, an antique measuring tape, cookbooks, a vintage Barbie carrying case, a vintage hairdryer, a vintage electric shaver and much more.