Vintage Fashion Shoot 70s Maxi Dresses Prom Dresses and More!

We had so much fun with my niece on a photo shoot with some of our favorite vintage dresses!Check it out!

New Videos! Vintage Estate Sale Haul and Going Back to the 80s

Busy busy! Check out the latest videos from Offbeat Avenue. Up first, Michelle's got a mondo haul of vintage to share from the back of the OffbeatMobile. You'll see tons of vintage cookbooks, a Lite Brite game (original of course!) a Sears sewing machine and much more.
She'll be listing these on our Etsy shop here: Offbeat Avenue on Etsy

Next up Marguerite goes back to the 80s to share some awesome authentic 80s clothing including an Esprit sport tank, animal print bodybuilder pants (a la MC Hammer) and a Madonna inspired crop jersey. These are on sale on our Depop shop here. Offbeat Avenue on Depop

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Unpacking the OffbeatMobile! Vintage Haul with Barbie Cases, Candy Land, Stratego and More!

We couldn't fit anymore stuff into the OffbeatMobile after coming back from a huge estate sale this weekend!

Estate Sale Haul: 50s Esquire Calendar, Vintage Barbie Carrying Case

This week Michelle got all set up to go to a huge Estate sale in Hollis but had to turn around when she got there because it was so packed! So what does an OA Gal do? Find another sale! Michelle shares some of the goodies she got at an auction and another smaller sale she attended earlier. You'll see her showcase a 1950s Esquire "girlie" calendar, an antique measuring tape, cookbooks, a vintage Barbie carrying case, a vintage hairdryer, a vintage electric shaver and much more.

Spring Cleaning for Vintage Sellers

Spring cleaning! 🐣 During this mandated stay at home period we have done a lot of organizing at the warehouse (separately of course! I haven’t seen Michelle in person in 3 weeks!) I know this looks like a mess but it’s much better than it was! I started on ephemera and books and Michelle organized our growing craft and sewing project section and expanded the toys and board games section as well. Next up are hats and handbags!

Festival of Trees Leominster MA!

Yep it's that time of year when the OA gals roll out their tree for the festival of firs! We just put the finishing touches on our beautiful tree for Leominster's 14th annual festival of trees. This year's theme is rock n' roll, baby! This shiny retro silver tree has tons of rock pinbacks and pretty ornaments adorning a nice little 5 foot tree, perfect for your game room or apartment!

If you haven't quite gotten into the holiday spirit this is the perfect way to do it!
And if you'd like to take home a tree, simply put your bid on the ballots available in the City Hall auditorium.
Bring lots of quarters and drop one or all into the Offbeat Avenue tree (or any of the trees of course!)

Come on down to Leominster City Hall

Viewing Hours:
Weekdays 9:00am – 4:00pm; Thursdays 9:00am - 5:30pm
Weekends 11:00am – 3:00pm (except when noted otherwise)

All bidding and voting ends on Monday December 16 at 6:00pm (extended hours for final day).

Proceeds from the Festival of T…