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The Road to Our Vintage Shop Part 3: Signage

New Vintage Shop opening in Downtown Leominster this fall? Sign me up!

This weekend up here in New England has been super hot--it hit 90 degrees yesterday! Seems like the perfect weather for going up on a hot tar roof to do some sign hanging, doesn't it?

Well, that's what my husband did yesterday.

There's a window on the second floor of our new shop that you can see from the street, so it seemed like the best place to put our Offbeat Avenue signage.

My hub Steve got up on the roof and got to work, while Michelle stood on the street level to let us know if it was centered correctly.

Steve used screws with washers to hold down the grommets on the vinyl sign.

Once it was all set our sign was up! Hooray! It made it seem much more real now. And we're psyched people will be able to see our sign as they drive by.

The warm weather also seemed like the perfect opportunity to get wiggy--that is, shampoo some vintage wigs to list. We got a couple of these at an estate sale about …

Boutiqe Opening Soon!


The Road to Our New Vintage Shop: Part 2

Dressing Room: Idea to Reality

Since my last post I'm happy to report that the dressing room is done!

Dressing rooms can be tricky to set up because we needed it to be big enough to move around in and the curtain had to be tall enough for people of average height to get some privacy.

We secured the wall which is actually two doors that are braced perpendicularly to the wall, screwed in the fixtures to hold the curtain rod, and hammered in our sign. Don't you love Michelle's hand painted Dressing Room sign?

The pictures here show the panes in the doors, which we plan to cover with some graphics for privacy (no peeking as Bertrand says!).

Dressing Up a Paneled Wall

The other challenge we had was what to do with the paneled back wall? Our back wall is the first thing you see when you walk in and unfinished paneled wood was not the look we wanted.

Michelle and I went back to the store and got a bolt of bright pink fabric to hang over the paneling, to give the wall a soft textur…

The Road to Our New Vintage Shop: Part 1

Great news vintage fans! Me and Michelle are opening up Offbeat Avenue shop here in Leominster MA in the fall!

We're so excited to have a brick and mortar shop in addition to our online presence on Etsy and Ebay.

This weekend we've been working on the space and getting it all set up in time for the grand opening.

Dressing Room 101

Yesterday our challenge was to set up a dressing room in a room that didn't have one. The space itself has many windows, so we didn't want to block any of them with a dressing room, so originally we were going to set up a simple curtained dressing room near the cash and wrap.

But we decided instead to put two free standing doors next to each other and place a curtain between them. Easy right? Not if the doors are different heights. So we had to find a finial to make the doors the same height so we could hang the curtain rod. We finally found a wooden arrow at the craft store and Michelle was tasked to painting it to fit in with our decor.