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Busy Season is Starting & Pics from Ladies Night

We apologize for the quiet over here at Offbeat Avenue, but we've been so busy!   It's that time of the year when everyone has finished vacations, and are preparing for back to school. But here, we are preparing for the Fall & Holiday shopping season. Between new Fall fashion, kids and college students going back to school, leaf peeping, craft fairs, holiday fairs, business parties, gift swaps, etc. now is the time (as was all Summer, but now especially) that you need to buckle down and get those items up because they will go quickly! Everyone is shopping, and what better way to do it than in the comfort of your own home in your jammies with a big mug of coffee (or wine if you prefer). There is so much to discover for that perfect, one of a kind gift!   But, first, let's go back and share some Ladies Night Out pictures! We had a great time and it was well attended by old and new friends, with music, food, shopping, and even a fashion show at the end of the ev

What sold last week & Ladies Night on Thursday

A great week here at Offbeat Avenue! It has picked up as people start to come back from their vacations.   In the midst of listing, we're also getting ready for Thursday's Ladies Night Out showing, always fun! If you are in the Central MA area come on down...5-9, with goodie bags for the first 150, and a fashion show later in the evening.   ************************************************************************************   1950's Vintage Cannon Hat Box Aqua Blue & White Starburst Stripes   What a beauty! It looked like a giant piece of swirl candy, and the center of the top had a purple velvet bow. Not sure if she collects hats or boxes or both, but this went to a good home. Lots more hat boxes to list, let us know if you are looking for something special....a certain color, certain size, or certain vintage retailer.   Hat boxes are not only good for storing hats, but for all sorts of storage! They really come in handy for small Christma

New in the store!! Halloween 1968

I've been going through a lot of books, magazines & paper lately and this one really struck me as funky & Offbeat! There are SO many things in this magazine that just take me right back :) Enjoy!     A 1968 copy of the children's Golden Magazine! And, it's the Halloween one!   The back cover has a great old advertisement for Matchbox cars! Love "Sandbox Canyon"!   This spread is for the upcoming Saturday morning cartoon lineup. I've focused in on the details below, as this is just killer! I definitely remember being in my feetie pajamas, eating King Vitamin cereal, until we were either tossed outside to play (Summer), or Creature Feature came on (Winter).   Get a load of that set with the old rabbit ears!   ABC's Lineup: Casper Adventures of Gulliver Spider-Man Fantastic Voyage Journey to the Center of the Earth Fantastic Four   NBC's Lineup: Super 6 Top Cat (I always get him confus

What sold last week

Well, it was slow....not only is it Summer, but we didn't have much time to post this week, and it's true, the more you post, the more you sell! But, still not a bad week for not doing too much! Busy, busy, busy!   Will try and get some more traveling stories up with pictures, I know how you guys like to surf the stores in the heat! Cheaper that way too, no plane fares or gas :)   *************************************************************************************   Ralph Lauren Silk Chiffon Scarf   So, so pretty, this will be perfect for her Fall wardrobe! The giant cabbage rose print was just gorgeous and the soft colors will go with so many outfits. Nice buy!   ***********************************************************************************   1980 Olympics Belt Buckle from Bergamot Brass Works   This sucker was HEAVY! Very well made piece of sports history. Can't believe that 1980 was 35 years ago! Some days it seems like yesterd