What sold last week

Well, it was slow....not only is it Summer, but we didn't have much time to post this week, and it's true, the more you post, the more you sell!
But, still not a bad week for not doing too much! Busy, busy, busy!
Will try and get some more traveling stories up with pictures, I know how you guys like to surf the stores in the heat! Cheaper that way too, no plane fares or gas :)
Ralph Lauren Silk Chiffon Scarf

So, so pretty, this will be perfect for her Fall wardrobe! The giant cabbage rose print was just gorgeous and the soft colors will go with so many outfits. Nice buy!
1980 Olympics Belt Buckle from Bergamot Brass Works

This sucker was HEAVY! Very well made piece of sports history. Can't believe that 1980 was 35 years ago! Some days it seems like yesterday....some days, not so much.
Geometric Patchwork Leather Hippie Bag

I really loved this bag, wanted to keep it but, how many bags can one person have? Wait, don't answer that, NEVER too many! It had little feet so it stood up, and cool keyhole clasp, and all the different shades of leather were so stylish! Just heard back today and she loves it too :)
Ever Ready Gem Razor & Sears & Roebuck Razors Men's Shaving Set

No matter how many vintage shaving sets we get, we cannot keep them in stock, they are a hot collectible right now! Also, my brother, who works for Gillette told me, this is special because, it's got red in it. Years ago they stopped making anything with red in it because it reminded people of blood, not something you want to think about when you're shaving.
That's why this is so much fun to do, you learn new little tidbits every day,
with almost every item you research.
If Regis ever starts doing "Who Wants to Be a Useless Information Millionaire" I am SO winning!


  1. All of these are so beautiful. Do let me know if you have an outlet. Would love to shop from here. Very classy stuff!

  2. So you had done alot of shopping along with enjoying. That is why may be you could not spare time to write on for a long time. Anyhow i liked the scarf its nice in color.


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