Busy Season is Starting & Pics from Ladies Night

We apologize for the quiet over here at Offbeat Avenue, but we've been so busy!
It's that time of the year when everyone has finished vacations, and are preparing for back to school. But here, we are preparing for the Fall & Holiday shopping season. Between new Fall fashion, kids and college students going back to school, leaf peeping, craft fairs, holiday fairs, business parties, gift swaps, etc. now is the time (as was all Summer, but now especially) that you need to buckle down and get those items up because they will go quickly! Everyone is shopping, and what better way to do it than in the comfort of your own home in your jammies with a big mug of coffee (or wine if you prefer). There is so much to discover for that perfect, one of a kind gift!
But, first, let's go back and share some Ladies Night Out pictures!
We had a great time and it was well attended by old and new friends, with music, food, shopping, and even a fashion show at the end of the evening.

It was a really nice evening, sunny with a little wind (which blew over one of our displays, but that's ok). This is the front of our table...small, but we were limited to size restrictions as there were a load of vendors inside and out. Believe me, we crammed as much into our space as would allow. I always like that anyway, I would rather walk into a store that is jam packed, do an initial sweep of the goodies and then go back and peek into all the little crevices to find the treasures they hide. Find a lot of good stuff that way!
Above are some of our handmade items, for this show we brought both vintage and vintage inspired handmade goodies. From the top left and going clockwise, we had: a whole suitcase of vintage Christmas balls, some mid century home décor, a vintage candy tin with spectacular graphics, a show special of 70's bangle bracelets for a song (housed in a 50's hat box). The little items clipped onto the hat box and the wire basket are handmade hair clips, which we would up selling a bunch of. Some are made re-purposing old buttons and jewelry and some are covered blank buttons using vintage fabric and scanned photos. You definitely have a one of a kind piece of hair jewelry when you wear one of these! You can find some on our Etsy site here: Vintage Inspired Hair Clips Next, an old table top writing desk that we saved, painted and collaged.....this got a lot of interest, but I don't think anyone was in the kind of mood to lug it through the evening and the fashion show. We'll be putting it up on Etsy soon! In the wire basket were some record album journals made with vintage record covers and new paper, great for back to school!
The above photo shows our vintage Garay mushroom box purse...which another vendor suggested we improve it by adding a spigot and using it to tote salubrious libations (ha! wine) in. Pretty interesting!
To the left of that is some of our vintage inspired fridge magnets Vintage Fashion Fridge Magnets
which are little collages using scrapbook paper and actual vintage images either from magazines or sewing patterns. Above that some more hair clips, and in the pink vintage hat box, actual antique and vintage advertising pages for framing Vintage Advertising <= this link will take you to a few of them, but we hope to have more up soon, they have been selling very well! People like to use these in their home as conversation piece décor....but, you could also use them for collage and art projects too. And, in the center, our display of some pretty vintage bangle bracelets.
It was a fun evening, and as shirt guy always says, "It was sooooo beautiful....Gotta Have it!"


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