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More Vintage Favorites April 2018

Here's another roundup of our most popular vintage items this month. Even though there's still snow on the ground, thoughts turn to spring and we are starting to see some of our spring season vintage goodies get tons of traffic. Click on pictures for more information on each item. It's prom season, so no surprise our Goth Prom Dress got so many favorites! This one is so pretty, with tons of black tulle, and a matching scarf. Speaking of prom, hair accessories are all the rage to keep updos, side braids, and chignons in place, and this one is no exception. Lightweight and understated, this is the perfect accent for any romantic hairstyle. And if you're going to do your hair vintage style, you might as well have the right equipment! How's this vintage pink hair dryer with cap for full on vintage look! Hint: yes it works! Even though it still feels like winter in April here in New England, our visitors are eyeing the eyewear, especially these vi