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Summer's Almost Here! Vintage News from the OA Gals

Hey Vintage Peeps! Me and Michelle are pumped. Summer is almost here and we have grown our Etsy shop to more than 1000 items! I'm happy to report we now have a Men's Vintage Section since we carry so many goodies for the guys including Hawaiian shirts, cufflinks, and smoking jackets. We've also added tons of vintage shoes   which we're psyched about. Vintage shoes tend to run a bit narrow but many of these have good widths that would fit on a modern foot. In other news we are expanding our reach out of the cloud onto the street: that's right we're going to open up a shop right here in downtown Leominster in Central MA sometime this fall. Don't worry, we'll still keep our Etsy shop open and running as always. Mozey on over to the right of this blog to join our mailing list to get an alert when we'll open. Back to the summertime fun!