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The Resurgence of Vinyl Record Albums

Do you remember how thrilling it was to go to the record store when you knew your favorite band was releasing a new album? Or, going to KMart every week to see which 45's were in which spot on the charts? (I have the Number 1 btw, on 45, that was bought at KMart, lol) Did they correspond to the radio dj's list of most popular singles that week? And, those weren't your only I need a new needle? Can I possibly schlep all of these over to Becky's for the sleepover? And, will she have a portable turntable so we don't have to compete with the "old folks" giant console? Because, no doubt, they will be spinning Englebert Humperdinck, Kenny Rodgers, Tom Jones or, worse, Showboat. Fast forward. No pun intended....or maybe it is....we graduated from vinyl, to 8-tracks, to cassette tapes, to cds, to, *gasp* downloading/streaming everything from the internet. Now, there is something to be said for ins

Offbeat Avenue Will Be at Punkcake Pop Up and Punk Rock Flea Market

We're so excited to have a table at this year's Punkcake Pop Up and Punk Rock Flea Market Sunday June 11, 12-5 at Ralph's Rock Diner in tropical Worcester MA. Get ready to be wowed by amazing music, peeps, vintage, crafts and coolness! And plenty of vintage goodies from Offbeat Avenue! This event  free! So come down and pick yourself up something nice while you rock out to live punk music from Origin Story, Loser's Circle, Marko and the Bruisers, Evil Filipe. For more info visit the Punkcake Facebook Page. Check out this video from one of their events this year: