Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Beautiful Day (& Shop) in Carlsbad

Wow! Way too hot today here to do much of anything or go anywhere. I think I'll get into the cool, air-conditioned world of treasure hunting & travel vicariously through pictures!

Last October I went out to sunny, Southern California to visit my kids. My son had school one day and suggested that the rest of us, me, my daughter and (grand) father, take a quick trip over to Carlsbad.


Ok, let me just say, if you have never been there, GO!
Such a cool beach town, with fun, eclectic shops, restaurants, artsy-fartsy stuff! We just parked the car and walked and walked and walked. It was gorgeous out! We saw some fantastic street art!


We found a cute little outdoor patio restaurant, to chill for a bit.

Before we left the restaurant to head over to the beach, we hit the restrooms. Ok, I have a very strange sense of humor, but I thought this was hilarious and I had to take a picture.

We head over to walk along the beach. Actually not too many people out there on that day, and it was nice and quiet.

Which brings me to this gorgeous little group dealer shop! I asked if it was ok to take pictures and she was fine with it. Just a beautifully done, shabby chic-ish, beach, vintage shop!

We did buy a few treasures in there, the prices were fantastic!
We also went into the store right next to the theatre, which was also filled to the brim with treasures. However, they were the kind of treasures that were either extremely high end (expensive) jewelry, or too big to fit into my carry on (an ENTIRE old malt shop counter with stools).
All I bought in there was a postcard and an old playbill, but it was still fun to check out all the crazy beautiful jewelry and out-of-my-price-range trinkets!

Well, that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed! In my best most interesting man in the world voice,
Stay COOL my friends!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Interesting combo of the week

We all know how vintage recipes go....they fall into 1 of 3 categories as far as I'm concerned:
Category #1
 A well-loved, and often made deliciousness handed down through the generations, complete with stories, reminiscing, and exact ingredients.
Category # 2
You find a vintage magazine or cookbook. A recipe looks and sounds delicious, but the manufacturer stopped making one or more of the ingredients 50 years ago.
Now, at this point, you may still decide to try it and substitute for the missing ingredient(s), but it's just not the same.
Category #3
Three is the utterly ridiculous, gag inducing concoction that leads you to wonder "Why?".
"Why, why, why would anyone EVER have thrown these ingredients together?"
Were they high? Eh, maybe, but we all know that just leads to mac & cheese.
Did they only have these few ingredients on hand and said "What the hell!"?
Or, my personal thought, they had a deadline to meet and needed some artsy-fartsy new recipe with the ingredient of the day?
Yeah, I'm gonna stick with that.
Sometimes, with these number threes, and if I'm really bored, I say "Screw it, how bad could it be?" and just make it. Because, really, it may look gross, or worse, pornographic, but really,
"How bad could it be?".
This is not one of those times. This one truly sounds like a bad dream.
There was not a picture of this one in the 1940 "Snack" cookbook, but I do think that's for the best.
(Oh, and DO let us know if you venture to try. There's no way I'm going to....*shudder*)
*****   *****   *****
4 grapefruit
2 cups flaked lobster
1 cup (?!) French dressing
Tartar sauce (the sauce, not the adorable cat)
Cut grapefruit into halves, with scissors cut out membrane and alternate sections of grapefruit and fill the space with lobster flakes that have been marinated in French dressing. Garnish center with tartar sauce. Serves 8.
*****   *****   *****
I must say, that was difficult just typing that....
They also, apparently, enjoyed extremely long, run-on sentences back then too!
Bon Appétit!

Monday, July 27, 2015

What sold last week

It's Monday!
That means re-capping what sold last week.
It's always interesting to see what people are looking for, buy and collect. 
Sometimes, things we think will fly, linger for a bit....on the other hand, things that we think "do we even put this up? who's going to want it?" fly off the shelves and into the mail.
It just goes to show, you NEVER know what someone will be looking for
day to day, minute to minute.
So, if you're doing the same thing....Get those items up people! :)
Vintage Pink Candy Swirl Buttons SOLD!
These were so darling! Just like candy! We hand stamped the tag with a cute, big eyed really completed the retro look.
Large Antique Wedding Photo in Ornate Folder SOLD!
Antique photos sell so well, and ornate wedding parties are the best! Look at this bride's veil and flowers, absolutely gorgeous! It was found (and sold) with it's original folder which was just as beautiful, with an embossed decoration that reminded us of an antique hand mirror.

Small Vintage Baby Donkey Ceramic Planter Decorative Collectible made in Japan SOLD!
This little guy was so cute and was definitely an example of something that we thought was so cute that he'd be gone quickly, but this one lingered a bit. But, now he's off to his new home!
Vintage Catherine Ogust Dress Designs for Penthouse Gallery Japan SOLD!

This one went quickly, we knew it would, what a GEM! Even the fabric was so soft and comfortable to the touch. This buyer scooped a fabulous dress at a great price!

Vintage Hazel Richardson Teachers Elementary School Playground Gymnasium Classroom Games  SOLD!

Another interesting find....these are the things that are so fun, because they are usually thrown away when the newest school curriculum comes out, or if a school is being renovated. Ephemera is always fun because a lot of people overlook it for the mundane and chuck it....lucky for us, and our buyer, someone thought this was interesting enough to save for all of these years (it was from the 50's).

Mid Century Glass Ice Bucket with Gold Caddy and Metal Ice Tongs SOLD!
What can we say about this that you cannot tell by just looking! Total Mid Century, Mad Men bar fantastic! Didn't last long....we knew it wouldn't.


Vintage Afghan & Clothing Knitting Crochet Magazine SOLD!
Another post and gone! This booklet had fantastic knit/crochet fashion, and tribal patterned afghans. Wish one of us knew how, we'd have the coolest retro clothing on the planet!!
Not that we don't already, but we'd have more ;)
That's all for last week! It's Summer and it's been steady but slower, always is this time of year. It's ok, we need this time to source, inventory, clean, and list in preparation for the busy season which is Fall. So, we're starting to get all the Christmas goodies ready and in the pipeline and ready to go!
It may seem odd, but even when we worked the cosmetics counter years ago, July and August always meant Christmas, because that's when all of the stock for the holidays would come in.
Remember all of those great fragrance sets you could only get at Christmas? Remember the 80's "Blockbuster" case of tons of makeup that you could purchase only if you bought the fragrance set?
We've seen that Youth Dew vintage sets are still quite popular amongst collectors.....though we'd love to see Lutece, Maroc, and Ciara come back! Can sometimes get just the fragrance, but not all the fun stuff that came with, lotions, soap, powder, etc.
Amazing....I can still smell them now!
What was your favorite? We'd love to hear!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Never before have I seen.....

Been quiet for awhile....loads of things to share with you all! But, I will go with the most recent for today.
This past Thursday night, I was perusing the estate sales for the weekend like I usually do. Thursday's always hold no promise of interesting television for me (eh, maybe once in awhile if there's a new Big Bang on for comic relief), so I like to check out the inside's of other people's homes and what they have for sale via my Kindle.
While I was not seeing much promising for this weekend, I did spy a giant (understatement) lot of old accessories and jewelry that were going to be coming up for auction/sale about an hour or so away. Looked good from the pictures, but hard to tell. They wanted to sell everything as an entire lot, so I contacted the lady that runs these and made an appointment for early Saturday morning. She was nice enough to permit me to take photos too as it was only going to be me and I wanted to be able to show Marguerite all the items before we committed to anything.
Let me just say, I was NOT prepared for what awaited.
NOT prepared. In the least.
I got up early, and drove a little over an hour into Providence, R.I. Really, not a bad drive, straight shot all the way. Got off the highway, ok, this neighborhood is a little dicey....ok there's the college, getting better. Miss the street, turn around, take it. Alrighty, this is a nice little, older neighborhood.
I find the house, a beautiful old brick two story. This might be promising!
She arrived about the same time as I did and asked if I could give her 5 minutes to get into the house and situated. Sure, no problem. I was 15 minutes early anyways. I go to Pinterest and start wasting some time, um, scratch that, "working" pinning some vintage lovelies for our followers. A few minutes go by and she waves me in.
We go down some very steep stairs into a basement room that is right out of the past! Huge orange-y red linoleum squares flooring greet me.....I LOVE vintage linoleum! And, around the room, wood paneling....but not the ugly 70's dark faux-wood paneling, the high end, light colored, scalloped, expensive 50's wood paneling!! WOW! Can I buy this room? No? Ok... :(
And then I realize what is in front of me. A large table with tray, after tray, after tray of vintage rings! Not gold and silver, but costume from the 60's & 70's! There are poison rings, smiley face rings, cameo rings,....
I am already swooning. I am calculating in my head.
I am freaking out.
At the end of the table are the coolest bubble earrings and bracelets I've ever seen....they look just like gumballs and I have to touch them to make sure that they're not.

Breaking up my freak out is a man's voice that says, "Let me show you the rest". The REST? Cool!
He says, "The lot includes everything on this table and these two other ROOMS". Huh?!
He takes me into the next two adjoining rooms, and I could have passed out.
I have seen a lot of things before. I have seen hoarder houses (more on that in posts to come), I have seen buildings that have been locked up for a hundred years, and I have seen going out of business sales.
None of these prepared me for the amount of dead stock that was here.
Apparently, this gentleman had run a jewelry and accessories business years ago. When he either died or retired, everything was boxed up and put in these rooms. That was back in the 70's or 80's. Now there is only one or two of the kids left and they are selling this beautiful brick home....and all the stuff within. Holy crap, this was an ENTIRE business!
This was going as a lot. The actual estate sale is next weekend, which, unfortunately, I won't be able to attend. I have been to their estate sales before and they are clean and very fair in prices, so it's kind of a bummer, but there will be more.
Anyway, while I was snapping pictures and trying to come up with a number to offer in my head, another couple came in and immediately offered a fairly large amount.
While I was devastated, I asked for, and was granted (as I was first), some time to mull it over and come back with a counter offer.
Urgh. Maybe you've been there. Maybe you haven't. As I went over and over it, commiserated, and planned.....I realized...sadly, that this one was not to be.
Even if we countered and won the bidding, we would then need a truck (all the shelving, the desk, and the fixtures were included in this, and, like I said, there were three rooms of stuff ), and time...the estate sale is next weekend and it needed to be gone in a week.
Ok, could do it.  When I put my mind to something, I can do it. But, this was going to be Herculean in scale, even for my delusions of grandeur.
So, I relented, went over and shook everyone's hand, thanked them for the time to mull, and (reluctantly) split.
In the hours that have passed, I have gone back and forth between "yeah, a lot of work" and "shit, a goldmine", but, in this business you win some, you lose some. There will be another, and we will be all over it! I just hope the winner does this bounty the justice it deserves!
Here are some more pictures to enjoy....(some are kind of crappy, as I was trying to capture as much as I could in as little time as I had, but you'll get the gist). Hold onto your seats kiddos, this one was GOOD.