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A Beautiful Day (& Shop) in Carlsbad

Wow! Way too hot today here to do much of anything or go anywhere. I think I'll get into the cool, air-conditioned world of treasure hunting & travel vicariously through pictures! Last October I went out to sunny, Southern California to visit my kids. My son had school one day and suggested that the rest of us, me, my daughter and (grand) father, take a quick trip over to Carlsbad.   Ok, let me just say, if you have never been there, GO!   Such a cool beach town, with fun, eclectic shops, restaurants, artsy-fartsy stuff! We just parked the car and walked and walked and walked. It was gorgeous out! We saw some fantastic street art!        We found a cute little outdoor patio restaurant, to chill for a bit.   Before we left the restaurant to head over to the beach, we hit the restrooms. Ok, I have a very strange sense of humor, but I thought this was hilarious and I had to take a picture.     We head over to walk along the beac

Interesting combo of the week

We all know how vintage recipes go....they fall into 1 of 3 categories as far as I'm concerned:   Category #1    A well-loved, and often made deliciousness handed down through the generations, complete with stories, reminiscing, and exact ingredients.   Category # 2   You find a vintage magazine or cookbook. A recipe looks and sounds delicious, but the manufacturer stopped making one or more of the ingredients 50 years ago.   Now, at this point, you may still decide to try it and substitute for the missing ingredient(s), but it's just not the same.   Category #3   Three is the utterly ridiculous, gag inducing concoction that leads you to wonder "Why?". "Why, why, why would anyone EVER have thrown these ingredients together?"   Were they high? Eh, maybe, but we all know that just leads to mac & cheese.   Did they only have these few ingredients on hand and said "What the hell!"?   Or, my personal though

What sold last week

It's Monday! That means re-capping what sold last week. It's always interesting to see what people are looking for, buy and collect.    Sometimes, things we think will fly, linger for a bit....on the other hand, things that we think "do we even put this up? who's going to want it?" fly off the shelves and into the mail.   It just goes to show, you NEVER know what someone will be looking for day to day, minute to minute. So, if you're doing the same thing....Get those items up people! :)     Vintage Pink Candy Swirl Buttons SOLD!   These were so darling! Just like candy! We hand stamped the tag with a cute, big eyed really completed the retro look.   ***********************************************************************************   Large Antique Wedding Photo in Ornate Folder SOLD!     Antique photos sell so well, and ornate wedding parties are the best! Look at this bride's veil and flowers, abso

Never before have I seen.....

Been quiet for awhile....loads of things to share with you all! But, I will go with the most recent for today.   This past Thursday night, I was perusing the estate sales for the weekend like I usually do. Thursday's always hold no promise of interesting television for me (eh, maybe once in awhile if there's a new Big Bang on for comic relief), so I like to check out the inside's of other people's homes and what they have for sale via my Kindle.   While I was not seeing much promising for this weekend, I did spy a giant (understatement) lot of old accessories and jewelry that were going to be coming up for auction/sale about an hour or so away. Looked good from the pictures, but hard to tell. They wanted to sell everything as an entire lot, so I contacted the lady that runs these and made an appointment for early Saturday morning. She was nice enough to permit me to take photos too as it was only going to be me and I wanted to be able to show Marguerite all the