A Beautiful Day (& Shop) in Carlsbad

Wow! Way too hot today here to do much of anything or go anywhere. I think I'll get into the cool, air-conditioned world of treasure hunting & travel vicariously through pictures!

Last October I went out to sunny, Southern California to visit my kids. My son had school one day and suggested that the rest of us, me, my daughter and (grand) father, take a quick trip over to Carlsbad.


Ok, let me just say, if you have never been there, GO!
Such a cool beach town, with fun, eclectic shops, restaurants, artsy-fartsy stuff! We just parked the car and walked and walked and walked. It was gorgeous out! We saw some fantastic street art!


We found a cute little outdoor patio restaurant, to chill for a bit.

Before we left the restaurant to head over to the beach, we hit the restrooms. Ok, I have a very strange sense of humor, but I thought this was hilarious and I had to take a picture.

We head over to walk along the beach. Actually not too many people out there on that day, and it was nice and quiet.

Which brings me to this gorgeous little group dealer shop! I asked if it was ok to take pictures and she was fine with it. Just a beautifully done, shabby chic-ish, beach, vintage shop!

We did buy a few treasures in there, the prices were fantastic!
We also went into the store right next to the theatre, which was also filled to the brim with treasures. However, they were the kind of treasures that were either extremely high end (expensive) jewelry, or too big to fit into my carry on (an ENTIRE old malt shop counter with stools).
All I bought in there was a postcard and an old playbill, but it was still fun to check out all the crazy beautiful jewelry and out-of-my-price-range trinkets!

Well, that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed! In my best most interesting man in the world voice,
Stay COOL my friends!


  1. these crafts and food and this place ahh so beautiful. I Really love the way you write about the minor details. Keep it up and do upload more blogs like this..!


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