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Offbeat Avenue on Inside Leominster Ladies Night

Last week Michelle and I had a booth at Ladies Night at City Hall in Leominster and it was a blast! The turnout was great. We met lots of women business owners in the area as well as got to spread the word about Offbeat Avenue opening up downtown next month. The weekly local cable access show, LATV's "Inside Leominster" broadcast live from the event, and we were lucky enough have Mayor Dean Mazzarella interview us on the show to talk about our new shop. Take a look!

Moving Day for Offbeat Avenue!

Wow it finally happened! We moved all of our inventory out of the storage unit, and yesterday we moved all of the large fixtures and furniture into the space. Whew! We had a lot of help from Michelle's family and friends, and my hub Steve as well. Once all the furniture was moved in, it was up to us to figure out where to put everything. Now we have to figure out how we're going to display our items and get an inventory system that will work best with our online items and offline items. Here's a sneak peek into how it looks much left to do but it feels good to have this finally done!

Ladies Night Out Leominster MA: Drop by This Free Fun Event!

It's been hot and humid for weeks up here in Central MA so do something cool--drop by Ladies Night Out, a free community event at City Hall in Leominster MA on Thursday, August 18 from 5pm to 8pm. Offbeat Avenue will have a booth inside City Hall! Dozens of local vendors (including yours truly) will be offering raffles, special freebies, offers, and services. The evening closes with a great fashion show. First 150 attendees will get a free gift bag chock full of goodies from local vendors. Lt. Governor Karyn Polito will be the special guest for Ladies Night Out! Be sure to go to the City Hall Auditorium at 8pm to watch her kick off the Fashion Show. For more information go to the Ladies Night Facebook page . Cue Kool and the Gang!

Love is the Rug! Our New Vintage Shop Goes Shag

What do you do with a dark brown painted plywood floor? Cover it up in fuschia tiger print! We looked all over for a decent rug but worried an old one might, well, stink. Literally! Rugs absorb odors and the vintage ones we looked at were either too much do re mi or just didn't look like they belonged in our soon to open hella cool shop. And then we found it! The nap is still mushed a bit from being rolled up but a good vacuuming will fluff it up in time for the Grand Opening! Mosey on over to our OffbeatAvenue Instagram for more cool shots like the one below: La la love our vintage shop rug! #loveisthedrug #loveistherug #fuschia #zebra #tiger #print #glam #glama #pink #vintage #shop #store #coolfinds A photo posted by Bindi Frazzenfrappa (@offbeatavenue) on Aug 2, 2016 at 2:55pm PDT