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Unboxing Our Gift from the Marvelous Mrs Maisel TV Show!

We're so pleased with the lovely gift we received from the vintage lovin folks over at Amazon Prime's Golden Globe winning TV series, the Marvelous Mrs Maisel. They had a special giveaway on their Instagram account that Michelle answered and won the gift! We're huge fans of this well written very funny show about a 1950s housewife that decides to become a stand-up comic. The prop master at the show has actually purchased a few items from yours truly, Offbeat Avenue! It doesn't get any more authentic than that! Watch the unboxing happen on our YouTube video:

Vintage Bazaar Mill No 5 Lowell - Offbeat Avenue will be there!

Just one week til the big show, vintage mavens! We hope to see you on the 5th floor of Mill No 5 in historic Lowell, MA on Saturday September 22, 12PM-4PM for a vintage popup show you won't wanna miss! Lots of vintage vendors to browse, a cool coffee shop, and a restored luxe movie theatre. Here's an idea: see Pee Wees Big Adventure (playing at 11:05 in the theatre), then after the movie come upstairs to shop!