Fred's Night Out

This will be short, just an observation....
Yesterday morning, fed up with news and reality tv, I put on our local "retro" tv station.
They had early (1972) 70's reruns of Sanford and Son, a show I have loved since I saw it back then, when I was a kid, at my Grandma's house.
It was Fred's birthday (Red Foxx, another Sagittarian), and Lamont wanted to treat him to a fancy night out, even bought him a special hat for the occasion.
The first place Lamont brought his Dad was to a fancy bar for a pre-theatre drink....and this is where I had to comment.
Lamont got a Martini and Fred, after not getting his much wanted draft beer, got an Old Fashioned ("where's the ice cream?"). The bartender went and made their drinks, returned and said "That'll be $2.50", to which Lamont gave him $3.00 "keep the change". Fred was in amazement that two drinks were that expensive and that Lamont gave the bartender a .50 cent tip. (He also kept asking where the pinball machines were, but that's another long lost fun thing for another time).
$2.50 for two drinks???!!! One being a martini???!!!
I know it's been a long time since milk was a buck or less a gallon, and a Big Mac was under a dollar, but $2.50 for two drinks??!!
I don't think there are many places around where you can get a martini now (and a bad one at that) for less than ten bucks. Hell, most of them are more like $14.00+  and, they're all froofy, with chocolate and sprinkles and BACON, and hey, now Fred's ice cream would make sense!
I just need to ask.....when did the price of things become so outrageous?
And, when did things become so outrageous? (Bacon? In a martini? Wtf?)
Maybe I'm just old.
That can't be it.
Maybe I just need that time machine.....who's with me?
I'll meet you in the old, tiny Cherry Webb closet at eight.
We'll be having $1.25 Martinis by eight-thirty.
Don't forget your quarters....


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