New in the store!! Halloween 1968

I've been going through a lot of books, magazines & paper lately and this one really struck me as funky & Offbeat!

There are SO many things in this magazine that just take me right back :) Enjoy!
A 1968 copy of the children's Golden Magazine! And, it's the Halloween one!

The back cover has a great old advertisement for Matchbox cars! Love "Sandbox Canyon"!

This spread is for the upcoming Saturday morning cartoon lineup. I've focused in on the details below, as this is just killer! I definitely remember being in my feetie pajamas, eating King Vitamin cereal, until we were either tossed outside to play (Summer), or Creature Feature came on (Winter).

Get a load of that set with the old rabbit ears!

ABC's Lineup:
Adventures of Gulliver
Fantastic Voyage
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Fantastic Four

NBC's Lineup:
Super 6
Top Cat (I always get him confused with Snagglepuss)
The Banana Bunch Adventure Hour
Young Samson
and CBS's Lineup:
Go Go Gophers (LOVED it!)
The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Hour
Wacky Races
The Archie Show
The Batman/Superman Hour
The Herculoids

Above is the contents page.

Cannot wait until Fall & Halloween, the best time of the year!
Love the Betty Crocker cake and Jack O' Lantern illustrations!

Here's the little jester toucan guy that was, I guess, the mascot. A little dude I had forgotten.
His name is Cracky. That name probably wouldn't "fly" now.....
Great illustration, love the 'shrooms! Can you find all the hidden things?
There should be three witches, two owls, a bat, a jack o' lantern, and a rat.

Above is a Lesson in Spanish!
Ooooohhh the colors! Maybe the artist liked the 'shrooms too much as well?

The magazine still has the paper dolls intact! So cute.
Queen of the air, huh? I'm not too sure about these two pages. They definitely show a period in time!


And, how can we not include the Stooges :)
Singing Children's songs no less, lol!

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