Road Trip!

We love the Fall!
Not just Halloween, but the pumpkins, the smell in the air, the leaves, the slight chill, the cider, love!
A couple weeks ago, we took a day trip to Russel's Garden Center in Wayland, MA.
If you've never been, it's a relaxing afternoon....just maybe don't go on the weekend, I hear it's really busy...especially once it gets towards Christmas!
Here's some photos I took of all the beautiful things there, enjoy :)
Oh yeah, right, first we stopped at the Devens Grill, mmmmm, yummy!
We ALL took home doggie bags.
Ok, now off to Russell's :

This flower arrangement was HUGE!!! And it was cool because you could just hang it outside.

I love these succulent pretty, but I have such a black thumb.


This is one of the MANY theme decorated trees throughout the bottom floor.
This one was Day of the Dead, love the faux sugar skull!

Lol,"Bumbles bounce!"

All gold tree! So expensive looking!

How cute are these? I can't remember if they were made out of boxes or cans, but what a great idea!

Flower Power, retro telephone, and I Love Lucy ornaments! Oh, and disco balls!

Rock 'n roll themed's a Beatles guitar and Elvis....I was looking for a Doors one that my Dad said he had seen last Christmas time, but there were no more left.
Boo :(

Pretty pastels.

Leading up to the second floor was a sauna type room with all sorts of plants that thrive in that sort of heat, and a little fish pond! We were melting though and didn't stay in there too long.

This little owl guy cracked me up!

Who's behind that mask?

Pretty pottery, beautiful soft color!

Fairy Houses! So cute!
Below are some pictures of the huge greenhouse and their little "friend" that resides there.

How cool is he?

Lemon and Orange plants, really wanted one of those, maybe next time.
This time I just got a couple of teeny pumpkins.

A wine themed daughter actually purchased this for her goes perfect in the kitchen!

Pink flamingos and retro trailers, LOVE it!

Back outside...

What on earth is this? It's a pumpkin, but it looked like it had peanut shells growing off of it. Strangest thing I saw there!
On the way back we stopped for a pumpkin ice cream at Kimball Farm.
It was a great, relaxing afternoon :)


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