Grunge Revival: 90s Inspired Clothing Trending Now

It was only a matter of time before the 90s became vintage---about 20 years, that is.
This week I've seen lots of looks I saw in the 1990s appearing in shops.

1990s RomperWhat's the appeal of the 90s? It was definitely inspired by of the looks we saw in the 70s: long floral free flowing dresses, bell bottom (flare) pants and jeans, tooled leather purses, chokers, long straight skirts. Women now are looking for the effortless comfort of this style.

At Offbeat Avenue some of our customers are looking for authentic 90s clothing, especially baby doll dresses and rompers.

Long flowy skirts are easy to pair with oxfords as well at tee-shirts, and we love the short skirts with bold graphics as well. Velvet in jewel tones was popular in the 1990s and I'm starting to see these in department stores, too.

The makeup from the early 90s, however, differed from the 70s. The look had the earth tone browns and maroons so popular in the 70s, but the finish was much more matte.
Long floral skirt

Baby Doll Dress

Graphic mini skirt

velvet blouse

suede handbag

Come on in and check out our authentic 1990s clothing and accessories!


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