How To Use Your Hollywood Fashion Clip

Look what we just unearthed,


Absolutely love these illustrations so we thought we would share the brochure with you....
...maybe you own one of these and have no idea what to do with you can wear it!

It is a tri-fold brochure, though there is no date, the mod fashion and hair-dos dates it from the late 60's - early 70's.

Let's dive in! Here is the first section ~

"for an elegant head style"
"Follow the exact instructions for a Glamour bow using a 36" square scarf."

This is so pretty! She looks like a flower with this style!
And, everyone needs an elegant head style...

"utilize your smoke ring scarf"
"For an Ascot - Pull Just The Tip of the smoke ring scarf through the ring and close the clip. Form the style by spreading the tip of the Scarf."
"For a Collar -  Pull All The Material through the ring. Bring the clip to either side and close it on your neckline."

I don't know what a "smoke ring scarf" is, but this woman's hair faintly resembles my Grandmother's.

"western style"
"Fold your square scarf into a triangle and push the ends down through the ring. Bring the clip to either side of your neckline and secure it in position with the anchor pin."

While I love her pixie hairstyle, this scarf style looks like she is going to fly away. 
And, by the way, why do some of these women not have noses?

"add a flattering collar to your wardrobe"
"Use any size scarf. Push the open edges under your neckline and fold the scarf over to form a collar. Clip to your neckline or use the anchor pin in any location"

This sounds like a lot of work.

Next, the pamphlet opens up fully to display the directions (and more women without noses).

Close up of upper left side 

And the bottom, Your "basic ascot" 

All of these women look like they are coming to your home to sell Avon or Tupperware, don't they?

And now, for step by step, illustrated instructions:

"How you can create lovely scarf styles
Easy to follow illustrations for a Dickey bow with a long scarf folded in half or a square scarf folded into a triangle"

Hmmm... the finished woman on the right looks like she's about ready to serve you a cocktail in coach.

"make a Glamour bow with your Hollywood scarf clip and a square scarf folded in half"
I actually like figure 2 better than figure 3....figure 2 looks like a cute little Peter Pan collar...figure 3 looks like her head is wrapped like a present.

Finally, the back page ~

"Instead of buying expensive scarf hats, you can now create your own."

What it should say is "Go from Playboy bunny to Rhoda in 2 easy steps!"

And now, for the Ron Popeil/Billy Mays moment...

"But wait!!!"

"With a chain your Hollywood Fashion Clip becomes a Pendant, a Bracelet, or a Chatelaine."
"You'll find your Hollywood Fashion Clip to be the most versatile accessory in your wardrobe."

No doubt, no doubt.


Now, while we do not currently have one of these in the shop, we do have LOADS of scarves!

Here are some in our Etsy shop along with some pretty Spring hankies and pins to use on them.

There are lots more in the Leominster boutique, stop by and see us :)

Scarves are such an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe! 
We hope this has inspired you to wear them in different ways.


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