We love ephemera!!: November 1961

It is the closest thing to a time machine that we have.
We just posted this fantastic magazine, Popular Science from November 1961 and the advertisements, projects, and mail order stuff is just fantastic! It is amazing what items were promoted at that time and have now slipped into oblivion.
Which is actually why we are all collectors at heart of SOMETHING.
Let's take a little trip in the time machine....
Popular Science magazine from November 1961. Let's just look at the cover.
I can tell three things already, can you spot them?
#1 No way anyone today is putting a Native American Indian with a red face on the cover of anything. It would insult a whole lot of people.
#2 The pipe. No one is supposed to smoke anymore.
#3 Math? The math of today has changed beyond comprehension. I'm no mathlete, but I tried to help with what I thought was easy math homework last year, you know, basic multiplication.
New math? Nope, no idea how they came up with this ridiculous manipulation, and this magazine sure as hell isn't going to help with it.
Back cover, Pontiac Tempest LeMans! (Luh-mahnz for those of us who aren't worldly).
I don't believe Pontiacs are still produced, and this reminds me of My Cousin Vinnie...I can hear Mona Lisa Vito saying Tempest now!
However, what a freakin' cool car!! Look at this thing?! You were definitely The Dude in this baby!
Harley-Davidson 1962 Fun-O-Rama!
"Dad, your Topper 'H' is an extra set of wheels the whole family can use!"
Yes, that's what I think of when I think Harley...."family vehicle".
Here's a double spread:
"Pall Mall's natural mildness is so good to your taste!"
"You can light either end!"
"Outstanding...and they are Mild!"
Hmmm, I only smoked for a brief period during the 80's, but Pall Mall were never considered mild and lighting either end? I guess that means there's no filter.
I do believe they still make these though cigarette advertising is a big no-no.
The right hand page is for "Ford's New In-Between Car",
"Of "intermediate" size, new Fairlane fills hole left when regular Ford outgrew its britches".
Well, they do still make Ford's and the Fairlane is pretty collectible so hopefully you bought one back in 1962 and kept it in working order.
The above is just so cool, all 1962:
Ford Falcon
Ford Galaxie
Ford Thunderbird
Mercury Comet
Mercury Monterey
Lincoln Continental
Ok, enough about cool vintage cars....remember Correspondence Schools?
You, yes YOU! can work on the railroad, be part of traffic management, or work in an oilfield!
"For real job security, get an I.C.S. diploma!"

Crescent Wrenches Have What It Takes!
Ok. Just makes me think of Crescent rolls being served by wenches.
Yeah, my word association is that warped.
How cool is this Mid Century living room?
Do you notice, NO computer, NO flat screen tv, cigarettes on the table, playing cards.
See? Time machine.
Speaking of computers, what the hell is this?
I don't understand a word they are talking about, but it was made in Watertown, MA., not too far.
"It prepares teenagers and adults for the world of tomorrow".
I guess this hasn't happened in America some 50 years later.
It was interesting and the shiny yellow metal drew me in so I looked it up.
Looks like the Acela can get up to 150 mph, but that is tops in the U.S.
Ha! A gun ad and a lawyer ad in the same column.
I wonder if this ever happened? Seems like a huge eyesore.
How cute is he? What a great project for retro Christmas gifts!
Maybe you could use the lighter hole for a candle?
Another project, but it looks so teeny!
I have no idea why this article was in this magazine or why they let George write it.
Maybe I just have a very dirty mind.
Inventor's Ideas section....this is hilarious and not at all safe.
"Tie down kids" because of small fry's "shenanigans".
Oh boy.
Time for two last inventions that I love!
I wanna say this happened. But then went away again.
It's a great idea, but peanut butter is supposed to be thick, and chunky.
How're they gonna get the nuts through that tiny little opening?
And now, my absolute favorite!
I want one, and if we ever find one at an estate sale we are buying it!!
A Pole Hanger for Records!!
There's even Italian Favorites in there!
Hope you enjoyed your trip through November 1961.
I'm off to find my crescent wrench and perfect squeeze peanut butter!


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