Winner Announced for Bead Counting Contest from Offbeat Avenue

It all began when Michelle listed a Mason Jar full of beads on Instagram at the beginning of April.

When I saw the post it was as if a light-bulb in the shape of a giant jar full of craft beads appeared over my head. Let's start a contest to see who could guess how many beads were in the jar. 

Did I have any idea how many there were? Of course not. 

Whoever guesses the correct amount, or closest number to the actual amount, under or over, would win a custom made Bertrand bottle opener key chain!

Michelle filled this jar with a huge assortment of all kinds of beads: glass beads, charm beads, vintage beads, novelty beads, plastic beads, findings, pearls, gems, and much much more. It was as much a mystery to her how many were in there as it was to me.

So naturally we extended the contest to our fans of Facebook, and the guesses came pouring in!

Still no official count. But we had enthusiasm!

By now we decided we would actually have to get together and COUNT THEM!

So with paper, pen, and a calculator, on a rainy Saturday, Bertrand, Michelle, and I gathered in our studio, poured the contents of the jar into a bowl, and began to tally piles of 10 beads at a time into egg crates she brought along.

Two and a Half Hours Later...

Yes true, it took us 2 and a half hours to count them all. But we have an official count now: 3,656.

That's right, more than THREE THOUSAND BEADS!

The envelope please...

Many of the guesses were in the 400 bead range, with a couple 700 and 800 range, but our closest guesser and winner is...(bead roll please....)

Julie from @northeastpromotionandapparel on Instagram with the highest guess of 896.

And my promise never to start a contest without consulting with Michelle first.

To see the condensed version of our process and the ensuing silliness, watch this 8 minute video:

Thanks to everyone who participated! 😀😊😄


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