Happy Birthday Marc Bolan

We love vintage everything here, and that includes the music we loved way back when!
One of my top ten artists to bring to a deserted island....oh, who am I kidding, I'd need more than that...would be the music of Marc Bolan and T-Rex.
I remember years ago when I was working as a counter manager/makeup artist for Ultima II (another blast from the past)
Yes, it was the 80's.
Ultima II was some of the best stuff around! I still crave my ProCollagen Eye Complex and CHR makeup! Argh, and what ever happened to those awesome sticky, shiny lip glosses?
Where's my time machine?
Anyways, the adjoining Lancôme counter lady was just nuts for T. Rex back in the 70's.
I remember in the late 70's, listening to old T. Rex from one of my good friends Dad's collections and I loved it, but never really dug deep enough. Ms. Lancôme made me a bunch of tapes with all sorts of really far back, and to me obscure, before they were T. Rex and were Tyrannosaurus Rex, music.
I was hooked again!

I started buying all the vinyl I could find, and still have most of it to this day, though the cd's are much easier to play in my car :)
Well, fast forward to about two years ago. They don't play much on the radio here except for "Bang A Gong (Get It On)" and working in an office environment, I was subject to either horrible pop crap or whatever the rock dj was playing during the day, and my ride home was about 5 minutes, so not much time to listen in the car.
Until one day, I went out to the back room where all the younger guys worked. They usually had a pretty cool mix of what I listened to in my teens, but they were (probably) just finding. So anyway, one day I was rooting through the paper files and I hear something I hadn't heard in a really long time....
Brought me right back!!
I love how music does that :)
Now, since all of my vinyl was in storage, guess what I got for my birthday present?
A cd so I could listen in the car!
Plus, I found the wonders of YouTube and Pandora, which I love to listen to while I'm working.
So, Happy Birthday Marc Bolan!
Your music has brought much listening pleasure through the years to myself and many other people of varying ages that I know!


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