Shoe Addicts Unite!

Who doesn't love fashionable shoes?
Who doesn't have 50+ pairs of shoes?
Who has shoes they don't wear, but bought them because they were sooooo pretty?
Ha! I think we would ALL admit that we should be part of Shoe Hoarders Anonymous!
I know that I have proudly been a member since about the age of ten.
I can remember going to the mall when I was little....all I wanted to check out were the shoe displays (now, I'm gonna take you back here, do you remember?) at R.H. White's, Fayva, Thom McCann, Kinney's, Cherry Webb & Touraine, I know I'm missing at least one.

 Or, when the giant department store catalogs would come in the mail?
Boom! Right to the shoe section!
How I miss my Candie's, my Cherokee's, my knee high Minnetonka's, and, especially, my purple suede cowboy boots!
It's a problem, I know, and it had been under control until this past week.....
We have dubbed it the Week of Shoes! Estate sales, yard sales, rummage sales, and boxes from our storage, what we kept finding were shoes, glorious shoes! And boots!
Some are already up on Offbeat Avenue for you to add to your collection:
A fantastic pair of Doc Marten's oxfords/creepers, perfect for your next bouncy mosh pit!
A pair of Her Majesty silver pumps that would go perfectly with our Rain Cheetahs sexy 70's, wide lapel, silver raincoat! How regal!

How about some kickin' leather Frye cowgirl boots?

Those floors are starting to get cold, slipper time!
Ha! Right in the middle of writing this post and what comes on my Pandora?
Alabama Shakes "Shoegaze"!! See? Shoes are in the atmosphere :)
Here's some sexy date night shoes from last week, they are red suede and very, very high!
How did we used to wear these all day on a concrete mall floor?
Now, none of us reading this is going to fit into these next funky boots, but that's ok, Barbie's got her own dream house hoard....
Still to come are these amazing 30's Italian Vecchio stunners from B. Altman! Love the salmon pink and gold colors together!
These crazy COOL French Arche suede boots, never worn! Coming soon...
We also have more that have not been photographed, but are just as cool, if not COOLER!
A pair of Exquisites Golden Girl pumps in yellow satin from the 60's!
A pair of Italian cork platforms from the early 70's!
And, the ones we were most excited to find,
a pair of Suberflex Italian cork platforms that are just amazing!

Oh my, how did I forget the wonderful vintage Frye black and floral painted cowboy boots?!
So, check Offbeat Avenue soon for all of these great shoe additions that you can add to your funky closet.
Also upcoming:
*Loads of costume jewelry finds
*Sci-Fi books galore
*Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas goodies
*Wonderful clothing for your vintage wardrobe
*Games & toys
*Great retro home & bar finds
*Loads of fun vintage gift giving items
If there is something you would like to see us try and find, let us know....we may already have it!


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