Shopping Trip: What We Left Behind

We love going vintage shopping! It's fun to break away from the computer for a bit and wander around for an hour or two!
While we picked a few treasures for the Etsy shop, here are some of the fun things we didn't buy. Enjoy!
This one was a no brainer :) but didn't buy because we have so many of them now. Fun when your name is a sweet treat, but can also not be so fun: creepy old dudes, think before you speak please.
H.R. Pufnstuf was not vintage but had to snap him anyway, I LOVED this show as a kid....
H.R. Pufnstuf
Who's your friend when things get rough
H.R. Pufnstuf
Can't do a little, 'cause you can't do enough
Hmmm, what were they talking about....


Came close to buying Gene Kelly's An American in Paris, just love the colors and graphics! But, no more albums for back it went.

The groovy mushroom canister was interesting. Liked the bee and mushroom graphics, and it still had really crisp color. It had this weird little handle on the top though filled with, geez they almost looked like those moisture balls that you put in your basement to get rid of, well, moisture. When I looked it up it's a special canister to, you guessed it, keep crackers fresh and protecting them from moisture. I don't know, just a little too weird for me. Price was a little high too.
(Found out they are called Krispy Kans with a Blue-Magic Dri-Knob, ew, NOT appetizing.)

He kind of speaks for himself, how kitschy is W.C. Fields? And as a battery tester whose red nose lights up? Everyone needs one of these!

Great vintage poster, not sure if it was real or reproduction, didn't want to get too close because it was not something I could see taking home that day. But, very cool!

Now, this one, Tables for Ladies, we may just go back and get. We both liked it and it was a fair price. Think it needs to go in our imaginary office kitchenette!

Sooooo pretty!! Sooooo tiny!! Sooooo expensive!!

If I could have justified this one it would have been mine. Zeppelin? Yes, please!

Looks like they used the new "white washed" trend on these little owls and little girl & boy statuettes. Very nice, and I do love white, but, I love black more! Goes with everything, never looks dirty and is slimming :) Maybe this doesn't apply to statuettes...

Wow! Wow! Get a load of this mid century orange goodness! What a funky space ship looking serving tray! Actually, our funky space ship looking bar tray goes with this perfectly, same legs!

Again, we both wanted, but the cost was just too prohibitive. I think it was $600., which it is probably worth, but just not in the $600. candy dispenser market right now.
Now, if it was a vintage cigarette machine,, not spending $600. on any machine right now.

I am not usually a giant wooden spoon and fork freak like Marie & Frank, but these were aqua and, look closely, have little Tiki faces carved into the handles! Perfect for your next luau!


*Swoon* Huge teak starburst screen!
Damn. No where to put it.

Diamond Dave.
Could never resist, obviously still can't.

Another thing we both love, this one may have to be purchased on the next trip.
A little bit of a weird vintage game, there are straws and little tissue paper fish. You have to pick up the fish using the suction of the straw and then toddle to the finish line without dropping the fish.
I'm thinking this was pretty hilarious when these vintage guys and dolls were drunk.
Not to mention all the different play on words that are springing to my mind....

We both loved this and have seen it numerous times there. We both picked it up on separate shopping trips. Only problem is, there has never been a price tag. Which is probably why it's still there, because it's too cute! Check out the yellow pom rick rack around the neckline! Stylin'!

(How I wish vendors would use removable stickers when pricing! We had to "color in" below the telescope as the big ass sticker ripped part of the cover off. Grr....)

Obviously, this book I did pick up, as the little guy loves the moon and planets. What's hilarious is that when I got it home and started reading it...well, it's from 1959. Here's the first few lines:
The moon is up there,
far away.
No one has been there yet.
But some one will go there soon.
Some day you may go there, too.
Ha! Guess I should've read it before I bought it! Now, I'm gonna have to explain....doh!
Let us know about the things you left behind!


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